1. The condition of who Eat Drink Man Woman is that of fallen creatures, rebellious against The Great God Mota and full of sin. Mankind was cursed because of disobedience to The Great God Mota. Without salvation from sin (removal of sin though the ceremoney of the BOILING BORSCHT), ALL who Eat Drink Man Woman are due punishment, in fact death and Taxes. But The Great God Mota, in His mercy, provided a way of escape from death to people who will seek to do His Hamster and then they will be carried up to the SECON KINDOM up in HEAVEN buy the HERD of HOOGLY HAMSTERS.

2. The Great God Mota appointed the hoogly people, Slobovian Slobereatuses, to bring salvation to all who Eat Drink Man Woman through the person of the Meshugah (Kewl One or Appointed One) of Slobovia, and by spreading the Rightious Baloney and the Leftious Salamey throughout the world.

3. The hope and necessity of the Meshugah was revealed through the feasts (service of warships) and commandments (morel requirements) which The Great God Mota gave to Slobovia.

4. In the fulness of time The Great God Mota sent His Hamster (meaning The Great God Mota's Pet), who was and is The Lord Roscoe, THREEE TIMES to be the Expiation for sin, therefore to be a sacraliliac and a substitution for the punishment due us all. This sacraliliac was accomplished through His death by Natual Causes. MEaning True Bleef in the LORD ROSCOE gets you TWO MO TIMES the SALCATION as that other SAVIOUR GUY

5. Only The Great God Mota Himself has sentPuns and Jokes,to our Meshugah Joozis, so that Joozis could do stand up Comedy in our places. Having done this He rose from the dudes and ascended back to power in Newark.

6. Meshugah Yeshmuah has commissioned those who trust that He is a friend of the Lord Roscoe to go and tell this message to all who will hear.

7. Those who hear and place their trust in Him as Whatsis and LOVE Lord Roscoe and his PUNIM are rescued (redeemed) from the curse of sin and death and will live eternally by being carried up to the SECON KINDOM up in HEAVEN by the HERD of HOOGLY HAMSTERS. The full promise will appear when the LORD ROSCOE returns with the HOOGLY HERD and the resussitation of the dudes takes place.

8. Until then those who belong to Meshugah are given the "down payment" of the ASHLOZMO Shpirit residing in them to help them know The Great God Mota's instructions for right living according to the Ishkibbibble, so that people might see their good works and glorify the The Great God Mota and his Motha Elucelom.

9. If you do not know Yeshmuah as your Meshugah and love the LORD ROSCOE, you can receive the LORD ROSCOE now by confessing your sins to the LORD ROSCOE, then asking the LORD ROSCOE to come into your life and make you a new person. Your entry way to The Great God Mota's throne will be made clear and you can then learn all that the Word of Poopy Panda says, because you will have the strength through the LORD ROSCOE's presence in you.

10. There is no other way than just described for anyone on earth to live with a clear conscience; to know that all sin is gone; that the debt for our sin is paid, and to know nothing but Shitake Mushrooms can separate us from The Great God Mota's love.

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