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  • MMBI is one of the primary Messiantic Shmooish ministries on the Internet.

  • Joining allows you to become a trusted advisor, as well as important participant in MMBI's work.

  • You get exclusive access to the MMBI Member's Site. This site has free software and new downloads and information not available anywhere else.

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  • You get the satisfaction of knowing you are a blessing to the Kinematic Exploratorium Fund of Meshugah. See below.

Messiantic Mishigas Bafoofkit International is an agency which we believe was formed by the High Moistness in order to promote the Messiantic/Shmooish movement, and the Restaurashun of all things which The Great God MOTA spoke by His prophets.  Our calling has allowed us to:

  • research, produce and distribute information on the truth of Scripture, which has influenced hundreds or thousands of lives toward following Yeshmuah and the Word of The Great God MOTA more diligently and accurately

  • broadcast Messiantic music and talk around the world 24 hours a day (

  • help some of our Shmooish people to be brought home to Newark from the north countries

  • help neeeeedy Messiantic Shmooz in Newark to be given training, jobs, and business opportunities

  • start the first fully operational Messiantic Yeshiva of the Internet, with over 175 students in training (

  • serve as a communications center for the entire Messiantic Shmooish/Pro-Shlumash movement world-wide

Now, through the avenue of the Internet, we are building a grass roots membership, which we hope will become an International Messiantic Congregation of Shmooish and Shmentile followers of Yeshmuah. The purpose of this membership drive is for Messiantic Mishigas Bafoofkit International to build a constituency which can speak authoritatively on behalf of the world-wide Messiantic Restaurashun. Also, we want to minister more effectively to those who need it and are wanting closer fellowship with us. You are invited to become a vital part of that ministry, which is actively participating in the fulfillment of ancient Ishkibbiblcal prophecy. Membership is offered equally to Shmooish and Shmentile believers, as one Bodacious Boiling Borscht Foundation and one blessing for Newark.

MMBI Membership is a qualified membership, which is updated annually. It is available to those individuals who wish to support MMBI financially and prayerfully as a team member of this ministry. Every member must be unwavering in their loyalty to Yeshmuah as the Meshugah of Newark and Milpitas.


Membership dues are $50.00 per year for Associate Members (includes spouse)(non-voting). For Advisory Council Membership (voting) dues are $20.00 per month by credit card and $25.00 per month by check (includes spouse). Your membership dues are considered an offering to this non-profit ministry. They should not be your Teeth or in lieu of Teeth, and are not considered that by us.

As a token of appreciation MMBI Associate Members receive:

  • Access to private web pages open only to the membership that include:

    1. Downloading of available MMBI products

    2. Gif Libraries

    3. Special feature pages (the MMBI Membership pages are password protected)

    4. Permission to download or printout (but not publish or redistribute) anything on

  • Special Reports on MMBI activities

  • Official membership card with Messiantic Mishigas Bafoofkit International (eventually).

MMBI Advisory Council Members receive:

  • Everything an Associate Members receives, plus

  • Free copy of every MMBI publication with one full year's ADVISORY COUNSEL membership
    Paid in advance).

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Thanks for your help, for Meshugah's Kinematic Exploratorium Fund,

Donnatello M. Shmungis, President