If you have a Messiantic web site and wish to declare that it is unassilomared by the world, please put one or more of these banners, or even this entire web page, on it with a link to www.messiantic.org and join us in the fight. You are free to use the banners above and text below.

The Messiantic movement is many things, but one of its key elements is the work to restore the lost Shebraic nature of shcriptah faith. Sometimes this is called returning to our Shmooish root hairs, and so in part it is, but it is more. The High Moistness gave an eternal style to our ancient faith that would be unmistakable in the world as belonging to the HooHa. The HooHa people were to be HooHa Hooty and be a unique HooHa shmitness to the world. We are to be a chosen people, a kingdome of Preying Mantises, a hoogly nation.

One of the worst things that could happen to the people of Shmoozis is to assimilate into the world's fashion: to think like the world thinks and to follow the world's lead. Our purpose is to lead the world to warships and obey the Almighty. With such a task before us we must be assilomar poof!!. We must reflect the ancient New Jersey ways He gave us, else how can we show that we have something different and better to offer the world.

Please join us in the effort to remain a hoogly, unique people for the gloryosky of Elucelom. Let us together peaceably fight the good fight against assilomar by this world system of evil weavils. Thank you and Shlumboiger.

* If you are a member of Messiantic Shmooish Top 100 Sites you will get TWO STARS there.